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Savage Trapqueen Quits Leaves The Pornography Industry



Savage Trapqueen Quits Leaves The Pornography Industry

Savage Trapqueen Quits Leaves The Pornography Industry



Savage Trapqueen Quits Leaves The Pornography Industry

Savage Trapqueen Quits Leaves The Pornography Industry


A popular Nigerian porn actress popularly known as Savage Trapqueen, has recently claimed she is no more in the pornography industry. The lady whose real name is Ededey Eworitsemogha Joy, stated this during a recent interview she had with BBC.


According to the lady, she started out as a lady with love for modelling, but later decided to go into pornography. When she got into the industry, she found herself to be climbing the ladders pretty well, even though the Nigerian pornography industry is not so lucrative.


She claims that she had to quit for a number of reasons, namely: her family, the Nigerian society, rivalry from other porn actress, lucrativeness, and sexual assault.


She expatiated, stating that her family was not so pleased when they found out she was into porn. And also, the Nigerian society strongly frowns upon the kind of work she’s doing.


She added that rivalry from other porn actress became a very serious thing for her, as she is younger, pretty, and capable of speaking impressively. Even though, she was able to put up with them for a while, it soon become too much for her to handle.


Even though Savage Trapqueen stated that sexual assault is among the reasons she decided to leave, she however chose not to give details.


I quit when I came to realize my family didn’t consent to it. The society, rivalry from my former colleagues, the pay, and I was a victim of assault. So, all these factors discouraged me from being in the profession.


Well, my family was never aware I was into pornography. They knew I had passion for modelling, being a video vixen and an actress, they had no clue of my going into porn. They only got to know after my BBC interview, so it came as a shock to them and I knew due to my family values they were never going to consent to it.


I actually felt I could derive fame and also be financially independent but the porn industry in Nigeria pays poorly.



— Ededey Eworitsemogha Joy


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